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Summer is finally here, warm and sunny evenings, bright mornings, and beautiful glowing skin with little bit of makeup on. With a contouring trend dying out, strobing and highlighting became an everyday staple in make-up world. As my own personal beauty/make up style is very natural and minimalist, I was on a hunt for highlighter with the most natural glow possible.  The Iconic London Illuminator was on my wish list for a very long time.

I decided to share with you my new summer discovery and now-essential, that everyone should have a look into this season.
This product is a high quality highlighter which gives glowing, healthy, radiant look. For every day basis I have been using Mac Strobe cream, which I tend to mix into my foundation to brighten up my skin. However, wanted to try something different this summer.

Everyone has been raving about this product on Instagram, it gets sold out in minutes, and it even had its own waiting list in the past. These drops can be added to your foundation, primer, moisturizer or you can just use it on its own to get that extra glow, which is perfect, as I always look for products with multipurpose, especially if a product is on a pricey side.


Product and consistency

The product retails for £32.99 and comes in 3 different shades to ensure everyone is able to experience this goddess in a bottle: Shine, which is pink based shimmer, original with  a gold-champagne shine, and glow which has deep shine to it. My skin has an olive tone to it, in that case I decided to go for an original shade. Product consistency is thick and highly concentrated, meaning that it will last forever.


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To begin with, I prepared my skin with a primer. Since it is a high pigmented product, I only needed a smallest amount of the product to achieve a beautiful glow. I added one drop to my foundation and mixed it together. Pipette applicator is handy, as it gives just right amount of product. For an extra summer glow you can add few drops on a tip of the nose, cupids bow and cheekbones. Apply it in circular motions and then work product into skin.

Product applies very smooth and easily without moving your foundation. I gave my face some time to set on before I locked oily places with powder. As soon as I applied an illuminator on my face, it gave me an appearance of bronzed, tanned look, and instantly felt more radiant, dewy. It gives the best results, if applying before powder.  I was worried that illuminator would make me look like a disco ball, honestly that is not a case.


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The fact that it allows you to customise any make up product in your kit is amazing. If you are like me, and you like your make up to be minimalist and natural, you can mix highlighter with your foundation for a healthy, settle glow.  Moreover,  it stays very well on, and doesn’t move around your face. Illuminator is perfectly sized for putting into your travel bag. The product is pigmented and will last forever.


Product is pricey, but considering that it will last for very long time, it is worth the money. However, keep in mind that it is a liquid product, and will go out out of date.


Overall, it is a high quality multipurpose product, which gives a beautiful glow whenever your skin type is. This was a first Iconic London product I have tried, and it instantly stole my heart.


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